Iris Thermal Nail Polish – Purple/Pink

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Transforming from deep purple to bright pink, our Iris thermal nail polish is a gorgeous two-tone that changes color based on temperature. A dark purple when cool, our unique polish transitions to vibrant pink as it warms up. Suitable for both natural or acrylic nails, this temperature-based nail polish provides a bold color combination for dramatic effect, and it can be used with various manicure styles like water marbling to create beautiful nail art. Add multiple coats of our salon-quality polish for an even deeper color. Our purple-to-pink polish dries to a matte finish, but add a clear top coat for a sophisticated, high-gloss shine. Our line of premium thermal polishes are easy to apply, and dry quickly with a smooth finish. As with all of our Parrot Polish products, non-toxic Iris thermal nail polish is cruelty-free and 10-free.

4 reviews for Iris Thermal Nail Polish – Purple/Pink

  1. Kristi

    Iris is a fun very reactive thermal!! The colors change quickly and easily. The formula as always is flawless!!

  2. Nicole Johnson

    Iris is a beautiful, vivid thermal. I can’t decide which color I like more!

  3. arwyn3569

    Iris is a beautil thermal! The drastic change from pink tonpurple is gorgeous!! This was one of my first thermals and I eoukd buy it iver and iver again!!

    • David Abshire

      Thank You!! TY for all your reviews and your time! <3

  4. Jaime

    Love this color! Changes from a beautiful pink to gorgeous purple! People are always complimenting me on this polish!?

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