Arauna (Thermal)

(9 customer reviews)



A Deep Purple holo to clear thermal polish.

9 reviews for Arauna (Thermal)

  1. Nicole Johnson

    You NEED this polish! My favorite Parrot Polish and one of my top 5 favorites of my entire polish collection!

  2. Jess

    Love this polish! The thermal aspect is so sensitive that you don’t have to have super long nails to see the color change. I had people stopping me to ask where they could get it! So beautiful! Thank you David!

  3. buffybolt

    A truly wonderful thermal polish! Definitely a ‘must have’ for any collection!

  4. Jessica

    Not only is the color change on this polish so lovely and dramatic, the polish itself is amazing. Goes on so smooth and holds up so well. One of my faves!

    • David Abshire

      Thank You <3

  5. Guylene325 (verified owner)

    Everytime I wear this I’m amazed! It’s so pretty!

    • David Abshire

      THANK YOU GUYLENE! Yes I am yelling lol

  6. Jessica Garner

    Goes on smooth, dries quickly and has a deep rich color. When dry I find the color to be a little matte but with a top coat I get great shine. I love that I have finally found thermal polish that isn’t gel.

    • David Abshire

      Thank You! 🙂

  7. Amy Craven (verified owner)

    This polish is so gorgeous and is very elegant with the thermal change. I just love all of the thermals and have ordered so many more. I must say the polishes from Parrot Polish are very well pigmented and go on smooth. Thank you for making such beautiful polishes!

  8. Amanda R

    My all time favorite thermal! This beauty shifted for 2+ years! Parrot Polishes are the ultimate thermals, and some of my absolute favorite polishes besides! ?

  9. Nicole C

    I am hooked! Love this polish!! I like how it goes on nice and smooth then with a clear coat it’s super shiny. I also, notice it stays on quite long too. Definitely ordering more. Thank you for a great formula…

    • David Abshire

      Thank You Nicole! :))))

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