Area 51 (Thermal)

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An amazing terra-cotta red hot to lime green cold thermal.

2 reviews for Area 51 (Thermal)

  1. Michelle

    Another great thermal; super smooth & creamy formula. The color change of Area 51 is so fun & unexpected. It reminds me of candied apples. Lol. The transition from warm to cold lasts so much longer on me than other thermals. I love that! Usually, thermals only stay in the warm state on me because I’m hot all the time. Lol. It also spreads great in watermarbles, like most of the Parrot Polishes I own.

  2. Jennifer Branham (verified owner)

    Awesome thermal polish. Applies very smoothly. On the sheer side and you can see the smile line with the green color, but this doesn’t take away from how gorgeous it is. Color transitions very easily (just by holding my hand out the window). It also watermarbles which is one of my favorite things about Parrot Polish! ??

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