Deception With Promise Thermal Nail Polish – Blue/Purple/Green

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With a hint of sparkle, Deception With Promise thermal nail polish changes color depending on the temperature. Our vibrant color-changing nail polish transforms from blue to purple to aqua green as it goes from cold to warm. Featuring chrome dust for an extra pop, this premium polish is suitable for natural or acrylic nails and can be layered for an even deeper, more vibrant color. This temperature-based polish provides a bold color combo for dramatic effect, and it can be used with various application techniques like water marbling to create gorgeous nail art. A salon quality nail polish, it dries to a matte finish, but add a clear top coat for a brilliant, high-gloss shine. Our line of thermal polishes are easy to apply, and dry quickly with a smooth finish. As with all of our Parrot Polish products, non-toxic Deception With Promise thermal nail polish is cruelty-free and 10-free.

4 reviews for Deception With Promise Thermal Nail Polish – Blue/Purple/Green

  1. shelleywife115 (verified owner)

    The sparkly blue to deep amethyst to aqua is magical! This is my new favorite!

  2. Mabel (verified owner)

    Gorgeous colors. Very sensitive thermal color change. I can’t wait to try more colors.

    • David Abshire

      Thank You Very Much Mabel! 🙂

  3. jenna (verified owner)

    This was the first Parrot Polish color I tried, and it blew me away. I put it on and forgot it was thermal until later, when the color had dried, and I saw my nail color had changed from a dark blue to a purple. I was impressed by the color already, but then even later, when I washed my hands with warm water, I watched it go turquoise. I admit I spent several minutes at the sink changing the water temperature to watch the color change. I’ve never had a 3 color thermal nail polish before. This one quickly jumped to the top of my list of favorite thermals, and I can’t wait to try more!

  4. Amanda R

    Another stellar thermal from Parrot Polish! The triple shift is gorgeous, and the colors are clear and gorgeous! Love this one so much! ?

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