Plink Solar Nail Polish – White/Pink

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In the shade, Plink solar nail polish is white, but transforms to a pinkish purple when exposed to sunlight or UV rays. Our gorgeous solar polish features beautiful colors that blend seamlessly and that are an excellent option for various application techniques to create gorgeous nail art. Suitable for natural or acrylic nails, this premium color-changing polish can be layered with multiple coats for deeper, more opaque colors. Our salon-quality solar polish dries matte, but enhance the glossy shine with a clear top coat finish. Our line of solar nail polishes are easy to apply, and dry quickly with a smooth finish. Like all of our Parrot Polish products, Plink solar nail polish is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and 10-free.

2 reviews for Plink Solar Nail Polish – White/Pink

  1. Addi McHenry

    This polish is so stunning. It transitions smoothly, and both colors are gorgeous on. I promise you need this.

  2. Uma Mathur

    Amazing color shift in seconds. Must have polish. I got lot compliments for plink. Love it.

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