Sonja’s Folly Thermal Nail Polish – Purple/Violet/Pink

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A Parrot Polish favorite named for our owner’s wife, Sonja’s Folly is a triple threat thermal nail polish that changes color based on hot and cold temperatures. A deep purple black when cool, our unique polish transitions to violet and then to hot pink as it warms up. Featuring chrome dust for a hint of shimmer, this premium polish is suitable for natural or acrylic nails and can be layered for deeper, more opaque colors. Our salon quality nail polish dries to a matte finish, but add a clear top coat for a sophisticated, high-gloss shine. Our line of thermal polishes are easy to apply, and dry quickly with a smooth finish. As with all of our Parrot Polish products, non-toxic Sonja’s Folly purple thermal nail polish is cruelty-free and 10-free.

2 reviews for Sonja’s Folly Thermal Nail Polish – Purple/Violet/Pink

  1. Laura

    Sonja’s Folly (thermal) was my first Parrot Polish purchase. It is so adorable with it changing from dark purple to a beautiful pink color. I have now gone back and bought several other colors. Can’t wait to try them as well!

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    Love this company. Over the last few weeks I have tried different thermal brands. Parrot polish is by far the best in terms of coverage (this polish only needed 2 coats), and sensitivity to temperature is amazing. I usually have a gradient in color about 90% of the time. Both the purple and pink are pretty on their own. When cold it’s more of a blackish purple, then will turn pulm with blackish purple tips, when on the warmer side medium pink with plum color tips. My natural nails are not very long so I’ve noticed most thermals don’t always work on me for a gradient but so far Parrot Polish has been excellent. I am excited to try the other Parrot Polish colors. My last mani was Gothic Batista and I was in love with that one too! From trying other companies I am now sold on Parrot Polish for thermals! Excellent quality!

    • David Abshire

      Thank You for the review! You Rock!!!!! :))))

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